Project CFD

One of our current projects, a CFD or Contract For Difference Trading Platform. This project has users using either a trend option or boundary option to predict trends and make calls, and depending on the result, will turn either a loss or profit. In the future, there will be more currencies and possibly more options to use.

Cloud Leopard Live Broadcast System

An upcoming project which features a video-sharing platform. Much like TikTok or Instagram, users can upload short videos of themselves or stream themselves to their audience. More features will be revealed as the project progresses.

Fintech Project

Another one of our upcoming projects. Similar to Project CFD, this project will involve users placing down predictions on how the stocks will perform for the time period, and invest their shares accordingly. Depending on the outcome, users might also turn a profit or a loss.

Digital Currency Exchange Project

Offering a more detailed insight into the shares that you might invest, this project serves to give a more detailed look at how the different cryptocurrencies are faring and allows you to place your orders accordingly. In the future, there will be even more features to come to help the user make better judgements of the future’s market and turn in many possible profits.

Big Data Project

Also known as the Big Data Transaction System, this project aims to possibly record down a mass number of transactions as well as provide a wide range of statistics. In the future, this system can prove itself to be very useful.