Job Scope:

· Be responsible for the calculation of income, cost and expense and various tax affairs;

· Be responsible for organizing and arranging daily business accounting treatment, preparing monthly/quarterly/annual statements, and putting forward useful suggestions on the company’s operating status, operating results, financial expenditures and budget;

· Make overall planning and management of the company’s tax revenue, complete monthly/quarterly/annual tax declaration and payment and annual remittance on time, and submit all financial statements to the tax bureau on time;

· Be responsible for preparing annual financial budget, controlling daily expenditure according to annual budget, following up the budget implementation, reporting the over-budget expenditure to supervisor in time;

· Report any economic activities that may damage the interests of the company to the Supervisor at the first time;

· Be responsible for the work deployment of accountant and cashier, and handle the financial matters within the scope of responsibility;

· Complete other work assigned by the Supervisor;

Job Requirements:

· Bachelor degree or above in finance, accounting, economics, management or related majors;

· At least 2 years working experience in financial management or equivalent position;

· Familiar with national financial policy, enterprise financial system and process, computerized accounting, proficient in relevant laws and regulations of finance and taxation;

· Strong ability of cost management, risk control and financial analysis;

· Good organization, coordination, communication skills, and teamwork spirit;

· Internet industry background is preferred, Medium level accountant certification is preferred;