Digital Marketing and Advertising Executive

Job Scope:

· Reposition existing users and develop and create paid search, paid social media to attract new users based on targeted audiences;

· Responsible for advertising on Google, Facebook, Instagram, monitoring and optimizing ads on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, and analyzing data and statistics to ensure effective allocation of budget and ad spend;

· To provide regular analysis reports on advertising, to provide some business support for other members of the team;

· Develop and promote the company’s social media channels and be responsible for filling them with high quality content, including web content, voice writing, articles, infographics, photography, videos, etc. Growing a following of Facebook and Instagram users;

· Manage the website, maintain the website, use SEO to improve Google’s ranking and coverage and keyword search.

Job Requirements:

· College degree or above, 3-5 years of working experience in related industries, with strong learning ability and data analysis ability;

· Solid writing skills, with the ability to independently produce original copy, good at integrating all kinds of resources;

· Can be independently responsible for Google, Facebook, Instagram advertising and advertising results analysis;

· Familiar with social media, chat tools, Google AdWords and email ad campaigns and SEO/SEM;

· Dedication, initiative, affinity, a sense of teamwork, good resistance to pressure;

· Need to be familiar with the market in India and Vietnam;

· Must work professionally on the Internet, perform placement advertising optimization, user behavior analysis;