Human Resource Specialist

Job Scope:

· Be responsible for recruitment according to company recruitment plan; develop, maintain and manage various recruitment channels;

· Handle employee entry and exit procedures, social security accumulation fund payment, personnel file management and other administrative personnel work;

· Manage the office attendance system, make the attendance form every month, and calculate the salary;

· Be responsible for administrative work of all departments of the company, including drinking water, express delivery, company virescence, business cards, etc;

· Management of business archive and contract files;

· Write articles for internal journal of corporate culture construction and staff care, make plans for group activities;

· Complete other work assigned by the Supervisor;

Job Requirements:

· Good professional ethics and professional quality, full of affinity, identify with the corporate culture, can withstand certain work pressure;

· Positive working attitude, good sense of teamwork;

· Have good written and oral expression ability, strong affinity and service consciousness, strong communication comprehension ability and logical thinking ability;

· Patient, proactive, rigorous, strong execution, good communication skills and teamwork spirit;

· Junior college degree or above, male or female;

· At least 3 years related working experience in personnel administration;